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Imagine an online learning environment and speedbuilding software program that allows aspiring court reporters access to quality dictation resources with instantaneous evaluations.  Imagine a learning management system developed with students and faculty in mind; a system that delivers all the tools students need to develop their skills; a system that provides comprehensive assessment of speed and skill development while allowing faculty more interactive one-on-one time with students.

You have just imagined something real: EV360 Ultimate and CCR's custom learning management system (LMS) offered exclusively through the College of Court Reporting. CCR is a court reporting school that offers its students the best skill development tools to assist them in developing their skills in our court reporting program.  This is the place where imagination becomes reality by providing students ready access and interaction with experienced faculty while using the latest online learning tools.

With more than 35 years of experience in educating court reporters, stenographers, broadcast captioners, and communication access realtime translation (CART) reporters, their online court reporting school lets you choose the perfect blend of learning.


EV360 Ultimate - Building speed and developing realtime skills should not be a “one approach fits all.” EV360 Ultimate incorporates seven independent modules that allow students to focus on developing skills to write faster, focus on realtime accuracy, self-evaluate transcriptions, attempt tests, and receive unique visual and human feedback. EV360 software takes a unique approach to allow students to focus on each of these important elements independent of one another so the rate of speed progress is not impeded by focusing on speedbuilding skill development at the same time they are focusing on realtime skill development. Developing these two skills are different. And when focused on at the same time, the rate of progression has slowed down so much because of the push for realtime. Students are taking, on average, almost 100 percent longer to get through school. With EV360 Ultimate, we set out to fix this problem. Here’s how..

  • My Life is a time-on-task tracking and time management module. Users can load their class schedule, academic classes, skill development tasks, and other life tasks to keep themselves organized. EV360 Ultimate automatically tracks total time for every event that occurs when the user is logged into the program.
  • My Speedbuilding is a short workout approach to building speed. Audio, video, or text files are presented when users are writing, and the speed of the audio or text is adjusted in real time based on a selected workout plan. The concept is similar to a treadmill: The pace of the workout adjusts during the workout. No starting/stopping/starting/stopping to adjust the speed of the dictation they are practicing. We have over 40 workout plans (users can create their own, too) for them to select for any audio or text file they are practicing. We provide thousands of dictations with our proprietary packages, and we are continuously adding to our Community Coaching Package. Users can select their own audio files or text files and have our realtime workout plan variable speed player adjust the speed of those same files. You can even send us your own audio files and scripts, and we will build custom packages for your users. Short workouts, adjustable realtime audio and text, modern-day workout approach to building speed.
  • My Readback creates custom speedbuilding classes, like attending live speedbuilding classes, which present dictations based on structured lesson plans. Each audio class is broken down into six 1-minute audio segments that are repeated five times at varying speeds based on the selected lesson plan. The writing session is presented the same way users attend live speedbuilding classes with real teachers. Structured class, longer practice sessions, old fashioned speedbuilding approach to building speed.
  • My Realtime adjusts the speed as the audio is playing in realtime. When the student is writing realtime to their CAT software, the audio speed is adjusted based on the student’s translation percentage of accuracy. If they are striving for 95 percent accuracy (adjustable user setting) and their translation is 95 percent or higher, our software will gently increase the speed. If their accuracy falls below 95 percent, the speed will gently decrease. This approach to developing realtime accuracy skills is a custom approach based on the user’s actual realtime translation accuracy. No other speedbuilding platform is capable of realtime audio speed adjustments based on the user’s translation accuracy. Unique realtime audio speeds based on user’s realtime ability, custom competency-based approach to realtime skill development.
  • My Games is a fun and addicting approach to developing realtime accuracy skills. EV360 Ultimate includes two gaming modules, Word Invaders and Sharp Shooter. Both allow users to earn points when their writing translates accurately. The Word Invaders game allows users to earn points when they stroke and translate the word invading their screen while using their CAT software. They earn various multiples of the original point value depending upon in which region they stroke the word correctly.  The Sharp Shooter game allows users to earn points when they stroke the word flying across the screen and it translates from their CAT software correctly. When they stroke the word correctly, the gun in the center of the screen shoots correctly translated word from the sky.
  • My Evaluations allow students to listen to an audio file at its natural speed. When the audio is complete, they have the option to either evaluate their realtime transcript or their edited transcript providing instant graded results. Additional options allow users to generate practice documents to focus on their writing and transcription weaknesses.
  • My Tests automate the delivery of speed tests. The application includes intuitive technology to administer evaluations based on individual user's qualifications, prerequisites, skill ability, current endurance, and transcription accuracy. The test library consists of 1-minute through 5-minute tests for jury charge, literary, and two-voice testimony. Additionally, when a user submits a transcribed test, they receive instant preliminary results, including total errors and percentage of accuracy. No more waiting for evaluation results. The My Tests module can be used for practice or can be an addition to your current method of testing. The screenshot below shows the final graded result. Instructors are provided a set of tools to complete the grading and feedback process, such as color coding errors, annotating specific areas of the graded test, audio feedback messaging, auto calculation of errors, email notifications for test submissions and graded feedback. The entire library consists of over 7,500 tests and added functionality for schools to create their own test packages.


Custom Learning Management System (LMS) - Developed from the ground up. A complete learning management system developed based on the educational philosophy for court reporting skill development in an online learning environment. They teach the way you learn.

  • Today's students are on the leading edge of communication technology. They want and expect immediate, effective, and interactive communication tools that quickly engage and inform. Likewise, educators want to use the most efficient means possible to improve efficiencies, learning convenience, and information sharing. We're passionate about new technology and how it can enhance the delivery of court reporting education in a blended online environment.
  • We are committed to helping students succeed with their performance, skill development, and learning goals. We are committed to assisting our faculty interact, coach, and provide feedback to their students. Through EV360's technologies, Blackboard Collaborate, formerly Elluminate Live!, and LMS, students and faculty have been been empowered to more efficiently meet their educational goals.
  • Moodle is an open source platform and the world’s most used learning management system (LMS). This custom LMS is an interactive distance learning, on-demand video, and other web-based learning options delivery system. It is a complete learning management solution that allows CCR to deliver cost effective, convenient 24-hour access to its educational training and learning resources for students, instructors, and administrators.



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It used to be that the only way to earn your degree and become a court reporter, captioner, or CART reporter was to spend hours sitting in a traditional classroom. But things have changed, and the College of Court Reporting is delivering the classroom over the Internet, directly to you, wherever and whenever you want. Whether for love of learning, career advancement, or personal satisfaction, you can earn your associate degree through CCR's fully accredited online court reporting program.  CCR is a​ccredited by the ​Distance Education Accrediting Commision (DEAC) to offer its court reporting program​s​ through distance learning via the Internet.  Learn More...

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